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FITTER 2 years 10th pass or above 210 View Details
ELECTRICIAN 2 years 10th pass or above 210 View Details

Electrician Trade


The institute offers the following course on completion of which the students are awarded with National Trade Certificate (NTC) by National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT), New Delhi.


The Department, as its continuing objective, provides the students with the necessary training, technical support facility and guidance to help them complete their Training Period. With the combination of technical education and "hands-on" experience in an industry internship program, the students will accommodate both well educated and trained, and guarantees a productive electrician subjects of the whole institution.



The Electrician curriculum is designed to develop trainees equipped with the knowledge in mathematics, science, Engineering Drawings, social science and electrical engineering fundamentals. The Knowledge in Spoken English and Computer fundamentals were included to ensure that trainees understand their important role in society. The course of Electrician Trade in the curriculum covers generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electricity. It deals with the design, operation, and protection, maintenance and economics of electrical systems and guidance of technical standard of practice and proper values.

The curriculum is so designed as it enhances teaching and learning activities, encourages critical thinking and develops creative leaders. The core and major courses of the curriculum teaches and equips student with the necessary tools for solving problems in the field of electrical engineering.


The Electrician Trade may go into the following career opportunities:


The laboratory equipment in the Electrician Department provides the necessary in-depth experience and training of students on electrical, electronic and computing equipment. Learn experimental techniques and skill on the use of modern laboratories.

The UNOPOS ITS provides a powerful experiment and training platform to vocational Trainee and further professional training in the area of electrical engineering. It combines theory and practice to give highly efficient and effective learning environment.

The Students of UNOPOS ITC can perform experiments on modern technology ranging from the use of Power diodes, thyristors and IGBTs control power Drives and allows excellent visualization of the degree of precision instruments.

UNOPOS ITC develops skills needed by the technicians in handling electrical machines and acquire know-how regarding their design, function, connection, connection configurations, characteristics and in particular, their response to different loads.

UNOPOS ITC training System is a practice-oriented training system which allows the student to study and investigate the properties of DC and single phase and three phase Transformers, Oil Testing Kit, Fan water pump, Oscilloscope, Function ……. Instruments like Voltmeter, Ammeter, Wattmeter, Earth Tester and Multimeter etc.


Electrician Trade: Mob. No. 98611 49975 , 97781 71684