Director's Message

Dear friend,

Warm Greetings to you.

Selecting the Industrial Training Center is a very important choice that students make in their life. Whether it is the discipline or the institute for study, one has to always opt for the best.

UNOPOS Industrial Training Center is designed and created with the primary motive of imparting quality education and Industrial Training and other skilled programme in the state of Orissa. To facilitate and mould young minds up for the future. To stay ahead, all Industrial Training programmes available here have been created in a way that each offers its own distinct interpretation of intellectual growth and development. Students who get trained from this Institute enter their respective fields with confidence and remarkable strength of knowledge. The experienced faculty team provides a scholarly environment and their individual guidance and counseling ensures every studentís progress.

Tremendous resource and insight into ITI, Technology and Research coupled with excellent infrastructural facilities help students acquire distinct advantage in terms of technical knowledge and skills.

Besides laying emphasis on academics various recreational, cultural and extra-curricular programmes are provided for encouraging studentís active participation to ensure overall development.

Students amidst serene atmosphere, the campus offers ideal environment for education. In the following pages you will learn more about the institute and its unparallel standards of various Technical programmes it offers for the students to stay ahead and excel in the ventures.

--Jiban Ballav Sahu